Our Mission

Our mission is to make your voice heard.


By bringing the activist experience to your fingertips, we hope to forge personal relationships between politicians and citizens and make advocacy part of daily life.


If millions of citizens actively engage in the political process, we will overturn the long-standing dynamics that have allowed special interests to dominate our political system.


The future of our democracy depends on your engagement. Don’t sit back and leave the decisions to someone else.


Make your voice heard.

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How It Works

Voter guide
Take our short political survey to discover which politicians you agree with most and how well your Senators and Congressmen represent you.
Political News
Receive political news, based on where you live and what you care about. Weigh in with your opinion on the issues and we’ll let your representatives know where you stand.
The issues
Learn where each politician stands on all the major issues—and let them know where you agree and where you want them to change their minds.
Communicate directly with your representatives
Text message back and forth with politicians and let them know what you think.
Discover what your fellow citizens think on a wide variety of issues.

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